You cannot ignore the role that basic lifestyle habits play in your life. You are a result of the habits you have formed. Everything about you – even your six pack abs – can be traced to these seemingly inconsequential Six Pack Abs Habits.

Six Pack Abs Workout Lunch Time Habits

What do you typically eat for lunch? Chances are, you take the same thing every day, with probably a little tweak here and there every so often, depending on your choice of restaurant.

lunch time habits

What lunch time habits should you pay attention to?

Do you take lunch at work? You probably eat in a restaurant close to your office. If you do, your lunch is likely to contain some amount of protein, and a huge quantity of carbohydrates in the form of potatoes, rice, or pasta. It is likely to taste good – from all the amount of food additives and flavor enhancers usually added to it. Chances are, you do not get enough fruits or vegetables for lunch.

A lunch time habit of this kind is not good for six pack abs. It is unhealthy.

If you want to eat healthy – and get six-pack abs, you have to stop going to these restaurants. You might find this difficult to do all at once.

Start simple

The best thing to do is to bring some fruits and vegetables with you to work. Make it a habit to keep your larder at home filled with fresh veggies and fruits. You can always slice them up ahead of time, put them in convenient zip-lock bags, and keep them in the refrigerator. You will find it easy to just grab a pack or two every morning when you head out the door to report for work.

When you go to the restaurant for lunch, you can just order a piece of chicken and some lentils or vegetables to go with it. Do not order dessert. Then, you go back to the office, you can enjoy your stash of fresh fruits and vegetables brought from home. You will feel satisfied – and much healthier for the new habit.

This new habit of bringing veggies and fruits from home will cure you of a sweet tongue. You will learn to appreciate the fresh natural sweetness that comes from sweet and juicy pears, apples, grapes, peaches, apricots, and other fruits. This way you have a wide variety of fruits to choose from for a daily healthy and delicious dessert.

If you have the habit of taking soda, fruit juice or a creamy coffee latte for lunch, you will find it difficult to achieve six pack abs. Make it a habit to favor herbal tea, fresh lemon water, black coffee, or just plain water. You will be doing your six pack abs a big favor.

Stay active during your lunch break.

Twenty minutes is all it takes. You can use part of your lunch break to put in some physical exercise. You can go up and down the stairway and get your heart pumping. You can also go outside for a few minutes for a short “walk break.” You will go back to your office energized and eager to put in several hours of productive work. It can be just a quick work out and reduce stress by doing yoga for you. Just a few short minutes will help calm your mind and strengthen your core – and your six pack abs.

Six Pack Abs Workout Mid-afternoon Habits

Your mid-afternoon habits are likely to be similar to your mid-morning ones.

Do you usually grab some candy to give you the quick sugar rush you need? Or are you more likely to go for crunchy potato chips to drive some of the mid-afternoon boredom away? Is it like you need strong coffee, laced with cream and sugar, to keep you awake? Or would you rather have a can of soda?

A mid-afternoon habit that goes something like this is not at all six pack abs-friendly. Change the habit with something better. Why don’t you reach for some nuts, fresh fruit, plain yogurt, or some veggies instead? Opt for plain sparkling water, black coffee, or herbal tea to cap your mid-afternoon six pack abs snack.


Six Pack Abs Workout Evening Habits

Your evening habits have a strong bearing on whether or not you have six pack abs.

You come home from work. You are exhausted. You want to chill out, relax and get a bit of energy back. Look at some of the more common evening habits. Do they seem familiar?

Do you as a matter of habit have dinner in a restaurant? The practice may be convenient. However, it is not likely to be prudent, healthy or friendly for six pack abs.

Restaurant food is usually too salty, too sweet, or too greasy. It has a lot of additives in it to make it more flavorful. Your choices are severely limited in terms of nutrients. You are likely to have a meal that is loaded with carbohydrates and fat. And you have to pay a premium for the food, too.

Cooking for Your Self

Cultivate the habit of preparing your own meal at home. Once you get used to it, you are likely to enjoy the experience. You will learn to appreciate healthy, nutritious, and appetizing food that comes in the form of healthy vegetable salads, fresh, succulent fruits, and fish or lean meat. This way, you will learn to relish knowing that you are choosing food options that are good for your health. You will see an increase in energy. And you will see that it is not at all difficult to get the six pack abs that you have long aspired for.

Preparing dinner at home is an excellent six pack abs habit to develop.  It is fun and gratifying. It doesn’t even take up too much time. It just takes a little planning. Nothing can beat nutritious and flavorful home-cooked meals.

Our Dear Alcoholic Drinks

Do you enjoy a glass of fine wine with your dinner? This is a good habit. Wine is good for the heart. Taking a glass with dinner is a fine way to de-stress after a hard day at work. Just make sure that you do not over-indulge. A lot of people who do not succeed in getting their six pack abs usually fail because they indulge in too much alcohol. Alcohol, contrary to what most people think, contains calories which you can do without.

How about dessert after dinner? Do you make it a habit to take some ice cream for dessert after dinner? If you are past the age of thirty, you should refrain from doing so. Your metabolism slows down as you grow older. It is more difficult to burn calories. And ice-cream and other similarly sweet and creamy desserts are packed with calories.

After a certain age, dessert should mean fresh fruit.  There are many fruits packed, not with calories, but with natural sweetness, nutrients, and refreshing flavors. Apples, mangoes, papayas, peaches, oranges, strawberries, plums, raspberries, peaches, blueberries, apricots, raspberries, and many more – there are many delicious fruits you can opt for.

Six Pack Abs Workout Late Night Habits

A lot of people have the habit of snacking late at night. There really is nothing wrong with this. It is a habit you can continue to have.

However, make sure that you are discerning with the type of food you choose to snack on. You also have to choose the right kind of drink to go with what you eat. Do you often find yourself munching on cookies, crackers, chips, and French fries? And do you indulge in several bottles of cold beer before you turn in for the night? If you do, you reduce your chances of acquiring six pack abs.

You CAN have late night snacks. Just make sure that you choose vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts. Drink water or tea instead of high-calorie sodas or beer.


Look at food as a means to live a happy healthy life. Make it a habit to opt for healthy and nutritious food and enjoy eating them mindfully. You do not have to skip meals; rather you are allowed to have breakfast lunch, and dinner. You can have mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and even late night snacks. You do not have to feel deprived at all. Just make sure that you make it a habit to eat the right type of food. Choose food that gives you the health and energy to live a satisfying life.

Choose an active lifestyle. Make it a habit to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If you have to go somewhere not too far away, walk instead of taking the car. Swim, bike, or play tennis on week-ends instead of vegging out in front of the TV. Burn fat and watch the six pack abs appear.

Looking for ways to achieve quick weight loss hardly ever works. You do not have to lose weight dramatically. All you have to do is to build sustainable healthy habits. It may take you a bit longer to get the six pack abs, but you will get there. Forming the right habits will guarantee that you will get what you want from you your six pack abs habits.