If the statistics can be believed (and they probably can) some where in the neighborhood of 88% of New Year’s Resolutions are given up on after a few weeks.

A smart bet would be that the vast majority of these New Year resolution false starts and stumbles are broadly speaking, health related ranging from fat loss to quitting smoking and everywhere in between.

Which brings us to the next big question… Why do most New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Knowing some of the big reasons why they fail gives us an idea of what to watch out for when it comes to making sure our New Year’s fitness resolutions are an absolute blinding success.

Let’s see…

Putting Too Much On One Plate

Now I don’t mean that literally in how much food you are eating in this case (though that may be true too!) what we’re looking at is having too many Resolutions that target too many areas of life.

Big changes require big focus. If you NEED to lose weight and get more fit for the reasons we have already discussed make getting fit a priority. Worry about getting that raise at work, learning a new language and some of the other things you may want to do after you have accomplished this important milestone.


The upside of getting fit first is that your new found confidence, energy and self-discipline will make your future goals MUCH easier to achieve. Fitness can be the foundation of the new you!

No Accountability


Often New Year’s Resolutions enter the land of pipe dreams, because we leave no one accountable to them but ourselves. If this was enough most coaches and motivational speakers would be on the unemployment line.

Human nature dictates that we are much more geared towards accomplishing our dreams when we let others who are important to us know about our plan and they hold us accountable to them. Even having online support through forums and discussion groups on fitness can be a huge help. Having no accountability beyond yourself is setting yourself up to fail.

An Unwillingness To Try New Things


If you keep doing the same old things there’s no doubt you will continue getting the same old results. This is a unbreakable rule which requires that we step out of our comfort zones, sometimes radically, to see dramatic change in our lives.

Since you are taking the time to read this Guide, I’m very confident you are open minded enough to consider and try new things to get the body and health you deserve. Congratulations on delivering a blow to this foe of New Year’s fitness resolutions already!

Thinking there is a “Easy” Way to Get Fit


Losing ugly body fat and getting your dream body to become a reality isn’t easy, despite what supplement hustlers and infomercials may try to sell you.

Healthy Cooking

It requires hard work, sweat and dedication. Smart tips and insider information, like you will find in this Guide and elsewhere, can and will help, but please don’t think it will be “easy”. Hardly anything worthwhile in life ever is. This also means when you do succeed you will have every right to be proud of your hard earned accomplishments. This alone can be worth the price of admission!

Now that you are better prepared to know what negative elements to be on the look out for let’s dig into our program!