When it comes to losing fat in the New Year almost nothing is as important as diet And you know what? Nearly every diet on the market today is probably much better than following your every day diet that has led you to be over weight and out of shape.

This is the real reason why you hear about new “break through” diets all the time. The people who design and market them realize they will cause people to lose weight as long as they break them out of their current over-eating habits.

Now this doesn’t mean some perform better than others, they certainly do. Also some of the more radical approaches are best suited to smaller groups of people who just “click” with their dietary approach better than others.

So for New Year diet suggestions, rather than promote to you one diet over another it may be much more fruitful to share some broader weight loss tips that can get the ball rolling in the right direction while you explore and find a plan that best fits your own individual needs and desires.

You may even find, like many people I consult, that these tips alone are more than enough to get your eating habits in order. That buying and studying a 400 page diet book is an unnecessary chore and you’re meeting your weight loss goals by keeping it simple and self-disciplined!

Try them along with the rest of our advice in this Guide and prepare for a lean new you this New Year!

Throw Out the Junk Food

If it’s in your cabinets the chances of you eating it are much, much higher than if you only had healthy food in your home isn’t it? So grab a garbage bag and throw those temptations away if you plan on getting lean. Hard advice for sure, but radical problems require radical solutions! This tip alone has saved many from emotional eating and junk food “relapse”.

Eat Small but Frequent Meals


Cutting your daily calories while not putting your metabolism into starvation mode isn’t as difficult as it may at first sound. Simply cut your calorie intake by 25% (or more) and divide this over five or six meals. I

f you are unsure about your daily calorie intake pick up one of the widely available calorie counting books and copy down everything you eat and drink over a 24 hour period. And everything means EVERYTHING. Cut this by 25% at first and continue cutting calories until you hit the magic number where you are losing weight every week on the scale. The frequent meals will make sure your metabolism stays high.

Don’t Drink Calories

No soda and no juice. Beyond protein shakes you should not be drinking any calories at all. Water, green tea (without sugar) and diet soda are all your new “go to” choices.

Make Protein King


Most over weight people eat WAY too many carbohydrates. This is why low and no carb diets work so well. Cut your carbs as much as possible and replace them with protein and vegetables. Whenever you hit a plateau losing weight it’s not a bad idea to cut carbs further!

Plan and Cook Your Meals in Advance


Succeeding with your New Year’s fat loss program requires planning and preparation. Having a good idea of what you will be eating every day before it begins is setting yourself up to achieve your dreams. Even better is cooking a few easy meals like lunches for work in advance. If not you are at the mercy of external factors which can (and will) sabotage your diet quickly and without mercy!

These tips aren’t complicated and they work. Once they are in place you may choose to expand your diet plan or you may not. Either way you can expect to be shedding more weight and getting more fit every single week. Sounds good doesn’t it!