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Fitness Lord is a complete blend of everything and anything about fitness. Our vision is to provide as much information as we could gather on how we could achieve fitness in our super crazy busy and complicated life style. We want to show you that no matter how old you are, what sort of occupation you have and how many responsibilities you have as parent and guardian, you are always entitled to be fit and excel in healthy lifestyle. We believe that there is no size fit all when it comes taking care of our bodies and eventually having a balanced life; there are as many life routines as number of people in world to get in shape and become fit.

Fitness is not a 2-hour 3-day exercise for you during the week, it cannot be just encapsulated in weight loss pills or a vegan diet. Rather, it is a culture that needs to become a background theme of our life not just as a new trend or doctor’s prescription. Hence, just like any other culture, it needs to be considered in daily activities of our lives; from simple physical activities of sleeping, eating and having sex to those that can take much of thinking and focus.

The set of categories on the website are nothing extraordinary; however there is always something new in the posts. Our posts are based on human life not super humans as they are always detail oriented. We will look into the new methods, equipment, and nutrition followed by presentation on how you might be able to take advantage of them in your life based on your constraints and priorities. Fitness Lord can be your friend when you think you can never be fit no matter which method you use.