You cannot ignore the role that basic lifestyle habits play in your life. You are a result of the habits you have formed. Everything about you – even your six pack abs – can be traced to these seemingly inconsequential Six Pack Abs Habits.

Workouts and Your Six Pack Abs Habits

Small everyday lifestyle habits have a huge impact on your health. You have to change focus. You do not have to employ ambitious measures to promote change. You simply have to look at your habits and realize that they are the ones responsible for what you have become. It is the small stuff that matters – the stuff that you do every single day.

TV Habits

Do you have the habit of chilling out in front of the television set after a hard day at work? If so, you probably enjoy the pastime with a huge bowl of potato chips or French fries and some beer. Chances are, you do not control portions. You sit there mindlessly eating your crunchy, salty (and fattening) snack.

TV Habits

A more health-conscious person may do the same thing. But instead of the beer and chips (and the empty calories they represent), he may, by habit, enjoy a cup of soothing peppermint tea with some crunchy carrot and celery sticks, and some apples and grapes. It does not require much thinking to predict which person is more likely to have six pack abs.

You can readily change what you opt to snack on while watching TV. Both the chips and the vegetable/fruit snacks give the same satisfaction. They keep your hands and mouth busy while you are watching your favorite show. If you replace an unhealthy snack with a healthier one, you may not even notice the difference. But you can be sure that, sooner or later, your figure is guaranteed to show the difference.

Change Can Happen

Changing a habit is not that difficult – if you set your mind to it. It may require some work in the beginning. You may have to go out of your way to brew some tea and cut up some fruit and veggies, but your efforts are guaranteed to make a big difference to your six pack abs.

The road to changing habits starts with taking a close look at these habits. You have good habits; these are the ones that make you healthy and happy. You are also likely to have some bad habits. These are the habits that make you fat, sluggish, and unhappy. If you are determined to have six pack abs, these are the habits that you need to change.

Get Rid of Bad Habits a Step at a Time

How do you look right now? Are you happy with your looks?

If you are pleased with your six pack abs, chances are that you have good eating and exercise habits. These habits are the very reason why you are happy with the way you look.

Let’s say  you think your looks can stand some change (you may want to be more toned, slimmer, and firmer and sport six pack abs) chances are you have to get rid of some bad habits.

How you look right now is a consequence of your habits. If you change your habits, you will change how you look.

Do you think this is easier said than done? Not really. While it is true that you need to practice some control to motivate yourself, particularly at the beginning, the rest gets easier as you go along.

It is essential, though, to know which particular six pack abs habits you need to change – and which you need to develop.

Six Pack Abs Workout Morning Routine Habits

What is your morning routine? Do your habits make it easy for you to develop six pack abs? Or do they slow down your efforts?

Do you make it a point to have breakfast?

Nutritionists recommend that everybody should take breakfast to jumpstart their day. However, there are research findings that indicate that whether or not you take breakfast is inconsequential to your efforts to develop six pack abs. It does not make a significant difference. What matters, though, is WHAT food you take in the morning, if you do take breakfast.


Some people who have the habit of not taking breakfast. This is okay. They feel fantastic, healthy, and light – and they have six pack abs.

There are people who have the habit of taking breakfast every morning. This is okay, too. They feel fantastic, healthy, and light – and they have six pack abs. If you want to join this group, it may prudent to take a peek at what these guys are (and are not) putting into their mouths for breakfast.

They are partial to natural and healthy food – organic greens, fruits, whole-wheat cereals and bread, eggs, and lean meat. They stay away from unhealthy processed food like high-calorie cheeses and sausages, as well as from baked goods like cookies, muffins, Danishes, and doughnuts.

These poeple take water, unsweetened tea, fat-free milk, and black coffee. They know that sugar is enemy number 1 for six pack abs so they stay away from it. They also know that alternative sweeteners like maple syrup, blue agave, brown sugar, and honey also contain sugar and are, thus, likewise bad for six pack abs. They also avoid the stuff.

Six Pack Abs Workout Mid-morning Habits

A lot of people take mid-morning snacks to keep off mid-morning hunger pangs. Snacks usually come in the form of the convenient energy bar or candy bar or munchies like honey roasted nuts or chips. Snacks are usually washed down with soda (diet or regular) or fruit juice. All these snacks come in attractive, convenient packaging.

If you want six pack abs, you should stay away from these “sweet poisons.” Go for natural good-for-the-health foods like vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts.

Drinking soda is a bad habit. So is sweetening beverages like tea or coffee. This may come off as repetitious but if you want six pack abs – Stay AWAY from sugar.

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