Getting muscular is not an overnight process. There, we stated the most important thing you must remember before you begin. Knowing that it will take time will put one in the proper mindset to actually achieve the result of building muscle mass. That being said, there are definitely ways to insure one is growing muscles at the best possible rate. Let’s go over some important things for building muscle mass.

Know Your Body

Understanding the way one’s body works and more importantly reacts to a workout and diet is key to success. One can diligently follow the best muscle building workout they found online but it would be futile without taking into account the specific’s of one’s body type and how it naturally reacts to certain things.

By working with one’s body instead of against it, the results can be much more accentuated. Incorporating complex sets into a workout because of the latest fad mentioned on a popular blog will do one know good without taking this into account.


Stick To One Thing And Track

Monitor daily progress in a diary. Only by tracking will one really know where the good results are coming from or whether something is just plain useless. While it may seem annoying to record everything performed in the gym to a casual exerciser, for those who plan to pack on some muscle, this is just part of the process.

Only by paying attention to the details can one really improve. Also, when introducing a new exercise into the routine, stick to adding one thing at a time. Growing muscles naturally will not happen overnight so throwing in multiple exercises into a proven routine can actually impede progress instead of help. It’s the constant build up of stress on the muscles combined with proper recovery will lead to the gains one desires.


Proper Diet

All the working out in the world will not come with any results without a proper diet. As mentioned earlier though, one needs to take into account their body type too. For those who normally already have a high metabolism for example, will need to drastically find a way to consume more calories compared to another person who can gain just with a few extra eggs in their diet.

Timing of when one eats is also crucial when adding more muscles. Whenever the body goes into starvation mode, muscles are the first thing that is broken down for energy so supplying the body with the nutrients it needs at the appropriate times, especially right after a tough workout will be key to successful muscle growth. Aligning your daily life to incorporate frequency of meals would be the best situation for bigger muscles.


Now that we covered these important points, the standard advice about constructing a proper weight lifting program for oneself based on core muscle movements will lead to the best gains in building mass. While isolation exercises have their place for sculpting, nothing can beat the sheer gains one can achieve through incorporating a good core workout. Do what was mentioned here and there will never be a question on if one will get results but how soon.