One of the most common workout goals for men is to have six pack abs. Visible six pack abs are a sure-fire way to impress just about any girl and are much easier to attain than a completely ripped body.

So how do you go about getting six pack abs?

Start with Your Diet

There are a few changes you need to make to your diet.

First, you need to completely cut all fat foods out of your diet. Remove fast foods, fried foods, fatty meats and anything else that has high fat content.

Instead, add in proteins to help you rebuild your body’s muscles after a workout. Make sure the proteins you eat are lean and cooked in as little oil as possible.

Start switching out high GI foods for low GI foods. This will help your body regulate insulin better. Insulin is one of the main hormones the body uses to store fat, so a regular insulin level is critical to building visible abs.

All this will both help you reduce fat and build muscles. Getting six pack abs is actually much more about reducing the fat in the stomach area than about building muscles. In order for the abs to be visible, you need to remove all the fat in that area. Building the actual muscles is the easy part.

Cardio Workouts

In order to facilitate burning belly fat, you need to also implement a consistent cardio workout program.

Cardio is what burns the calories and the fat. The ab workouts are what actually builds the abs.

The most important thing about your cardio workout is that you stick to it consistently. It’s much better to work out for 30 minutes four days a week than two hours once a week.

Here is some simple but effective no ruining cardio workouts for you to try :


Basic and Advanced Ab Workouts

The most basic of all ab workouts are, of course, sit-ups and push-ups. These should be a staple of your abdominal workout routine, but alone they won’t get you to six pack abs.

You’ll need to also throw in a few more hardcore exercises to really build those muscles.

Leg raises are can be a very fast way to ripped abs. Just lie down on the ground, stick your feet in the air so you form an L shape, then lower your feet to the ground until they’re two inches from the floor. Lift back up, rinse and repeat.

Another strenuous exercise you can do is to lie down on your back and bicycle in mid-air. This clenches and unclenches all your ab muscles, making it a much more difficult and efficient workout than the push-up.

If you implement these changes and improve your diet, burn calories through cardio and work out your abs, you’ll very quickly start seeing the abs you’ve always dreamed of in the mirror.