Want to get healthier, get fit and build a better body without going to a traditional gym? You can. Some people, such as the highly trained and toned Navy Seals, actually prefer doing home workouts. It allows you to really give your body the attention it deserves without having to worry about other people looking.

Here are some great exercises you can do at home:

Jump Rope & Invisible Jump Rope

Jumping rope works out your arms, your legs and your cardiovascular system. It’s a surprisingly effective workout method that you can use to push your body quite hard.

If you don’t have a jump rope, don’t worry – you can just use an invisible jump rope. Just imagine that you’re holding a jump rope and use the same motions.

It might take a little getting used to, but the benefits are the same since you’re working out the same muscle groups.

Wall, Diamond & Regular Push-Ups


Want to build your abdominal, arm, upper chest and back muscles? Push-ups are a great way to do it.

Normal push-ups work out all these muscles quite well. Make sure you have the correct form by positioning your arms at exactly shoulder length while keeping your back completely straight like a plank.

To vary things up, you can do push-ups against a wall instead. This helps change up the muscles you’re working out. The wall push-up works up the upper body more.

The diamond push-up involves putting your hands together in the form of an empty “diamond.” Put your hands in front of you while you do a floor push-up. This makes the push-up a lot harder to perform.

Weight Lifts

A simple weight set can cost as little as $40 at your local shopping mall. Using a set of weights, you can do just about anything you can do at the gym from the comfort of your own home.

You can use a combination of bell presses, deadlifts, shoulder presses, raises, rows, curls and more to work out almost any muscle in your body.

For literally the price of a single month at the gym, you can have your own fully equipped home gym.


Finally, you have the lower body. Perhaps the most popular exercise for the lower body is the squats.

Your legs are the biggest group of muscles in your body. If you work out your legs properly, not only will you get a more toned lower body, but also your overall metabolism will increase. This will help you burn fat throughout your entire body.

The most important thing to realize with squats is that going up is as important as going down. Do your squats in a slow and deliberate manner, both going up and down.

These are a few easy exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Not wanting to go to a gym should be no excuse for not working out.

Here are some great exercises you can do at home: