One of the biggest reasons people fall off their workout routines is because they design routines that are too hard to follow. Designing an easy to follow routine not only ensures you’ll stick with the routine, but it’s also more enjoyable.

Here’s how to design an easy to follow workout routine:

Start with 70% Fun

For most people, there are “fun” workout activities and then there are “chore” workout activities. If you’ve studied exercise or health at all, you might have a good idea of what all the “best” exercises for you to do are.

Instead of trying to do the best possible workout in the beginning, aim to pack your workout schedule with active things that you enjoy.

This will help get you in the habit of working out and having fun, without the workout routine seeming too intimidating.


Do 30% Less Than You Think You Can

People almost always overestimate their own ability to work out and stick to a schedule in the beginning. That’s why so many people sign up for new gym memberships around New Year’s and never follow through.

Instead of overestimating and feeling guilty, underestimate and feel good about exceeding your goals.

Start your workout routine at 30% less than you think you’re capable of. Work your way up from there.

Mix Things Up

If your workout routine seems mundane on paper, you’ll probably get bored of it quite quickly.

Instead, try to vary things up. Do a new sport every couple weeks, or try a different workout routine. Perhaps try a group class.

Another way you can mix things up is with different kinds of workout music. The kind of music you play during a workout can have a big impact on your workout experience.

Mark It in Your Calendar

Marking your workouts in your calendar is a huge part of following through. If it’s only in your mind and not in your calendar, it’s very easy to skip your workouts or move them around.

Your workouts need to be treated with the same priority as a real meeting with a friend or business contact. Consider the workout in your schedule immutable.

Finally, share your schedule with your co-workers, friends and secretary if you have one. If you needed to step out of the office for a lunch, you’d tell someone, right? Likewise, tell someone when you plan on stepping out for a workout.

If you follow these tips, you’ll easily be able to create a workout routine that you’ll be able to stick with in the long run. Remember that health is a long-term game. The idea isn’t to push yourself so hard that you quit. Instead, the idea is to build a workout schedule that consistently improves your health in the long run.

Here is the example of an easy to follow workout routine to help you get started :