We’ve gone over a great deal of the nuts and bolts of how you can and will get fit for the New Year. Will you be able to STAY fit once you put in all the time and hard and smart work?

The answer to that very important question rests on whether you are able to make the positive lifestyle changes that support the fit new you rather than work against you.

Over the years, I have been able to identify some of the most common lifestyle changes that friends and clients have had to master before they were able to set their new levels of fitness in stone and not relapse back into their old ways. You have a HUGE head start knowing what to look out for as you make your New Year’s weight loss goals solid and real.


Avoid the Negative Few Who Would See You Fail


There’s an element of person who feels VERY threatened by those who are able to work at positive self change – and especially at something like weight loss. Rather than asking how you were able to cut fat and trying it themselves they’d rather put temptation after temptation in front of you until you fall off track.

Do they do this consciously? Who knows, but it happens and happens frequently. If staying lean, healthy and fit is important to you a vital lifestyle change is to avoid spending too much time around this type of influence. They will only drag you down.


Get Off the Couch and Have Fun

Your new body shouldn’t just be for show. As you get in better and better shape make sure you have fun using it! This will reinforce the idea that the new you is worth the work and sacrifices. Play that old or new sport you love, going dancing or take the kids for an active day at the beach. All these things should be taking the place of television and video games more and more until NOT being fit becomes unthinkable.


Share What You Know


A self help genius once said that the best way to keep what you have is to teach it to others. Do you have friends and loved ones who could use a bit of motivation or could benefit from the knowledge you have picked up from this Guide and elsewhere?


Why not teach or train them? Who knows in the future this could even turn into a new hobby or a part or full time way to make a living. Stranger things have happened that’s for sure.

Don’t underestimate the power of these three lifestyle shifts. They may seem minor, but they are anything but. In fact they could be the deciding factor on how you look and feel two, five, ten years from now and beyond.

Being lean, attractive and healthy isn’t a set of moves and diet choices. It’s a way of life. A way of life that’s probably one of the most rewarding things that you could ever dedicate your time and effort to. Give it your all!



Keeping Your Mind Right – the Inner Game of Getting fit


Just about every top athlete would tell you, if you asked, that 90% of the physical game is mental.

Our minds command our bodies ultimately and staying on point with our weight loss goals has MUCH more to do with what’s going on inside our heads than not. It’s only the rarest situation where our body will fail us in training and leave us with an injury. Taking the time to train safe largely prevents this.

On the other hand situations where a person trying to lose weight sees their minds fail resulting in skipped workouts or junk food eating binges are much, much more common.

Thankfully. there’s a few simple things we can do to develop our “Inner Game” of fitness. These tips can make an ally of our minds rather than an enemy!


Use Positive Visualizations

Our subconscious mind has great difficulty separating what we image from what has actually occurred or is occurring. This trait can be harmful, but when we harness it and use it to our advantage it can also be pure magic. How can we do this? Sit comfortably with eyes shut. In your mind imagine how you will look lean and fit in the New Year.


After around five minutes move on to yourself performing in the gym powerfully and dynamically. After a few minutes more move back to seeing yourself again lean and fit. In total this can be worked on for ten or fifteen minutes a day as many days as you are able. Watch the wonders ensue.


Practice Affirmations to Build Confidence


Think of affirmations as an approach to the subconscious audibly like visualizations are visually. They pay off just as much. When both these methods are used they compliment each other perfectly.

How do affirmations work? Take a short positive set of statements and repeat it to yourself, out loud in the morning and evening. An example: “I am healthy, fit and happy”. Always state things in the present terms with “I am” and your goals stated as if already achieved. Never use “I want” or ” I am not”. The way the mind works these things don’t sink in nearly as well.


When Stressed Breathe DEEPLY

Breathing influences the mind. When you become stressed about your ability to achieve your New Year’s fitness goals, or anything else really, breathe deeply. Here’s a traditional “calming” breathing technique used in yoga. It’s worked for over a thousand years. Inhale for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of eight. Exhale for a count of twelve while you imagine your bad thoughts leaving with your breath. Repeat twenty times or until you feel yourself relax.


Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself developing more mental focus and energy through out the day as you do the calming breath more frequently. These positive side effects come with the territory.

There’s an inner and outer game to most things worth doing in life fat loss and fitness included. Now you’re armed with the skill to become a champion of your New Year’s weight loss inner game will you use it? I hope so, because this is one game that s definitely worth winning.